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Araya Dive Resort has its roots on a small dive center called Bomba Divers, found at the end of the year 2014 by two passionate divers near Bomba Village in the Togean islands.


After a few years Araya started expanding as diving got more and more popular in the area and the need for own accommodation became a necessity.


Same time with the first bungalows the name was changed from Bomba Divers to Araya Dive Resort to avoid the constant transportation mix ups with the neighbouring village.


Araya Dive Resort opened the jungle houses at the year 2016, followed by the unique treehouses a few years later. 

The fun in diving still remains! The South-Western part of the Togeans is quite an unexplored area and we still amuse ourselves by regularly looking for new dive spots. And we are happy and proud to show these to our customers!



Being ecological and sustainable is very important to us, as hard in this remote part of the earth. We do the most and best we can.

We are extremely happy to be able to work together with 2 great projects: Celengan Sampah and Support a Local. READ MORE

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