Araya Dive Resort has its roots on a small dive center called Bomba Divers, found at the end of the year 2014 by two passionate divers near Bomba Village in the Togean islands.


One of our owners is born and raised in the Togeans and he also became the first dive instructor from the islands. The 2nd owner left an office life behind in Europe and became a full time resort manager/dive instructor in this much more pleasant climate. Perfect mix, this way Araya can combine Indonesian hospitality with European accuracy.


After a few years Araya started expanding as diving got more and more popular in the area and the need for own accommodation became a necessity.


Same time with the first bungalows the name was changed from Bomba Divers to Araya Dive Resort to avoid the constant transportation mix ups with the neighbouring village.


Araya Dive Resort opened the jungle houses at the year 2016, followed by the unique treehouses a few years later. 

The fun in diving still remains! The South-Western part of the Togeans is quite an unexplored area and we still amuse ourselves by regularly looking for new dive spots. And we are happy and proud to show these to our customers!



Being eco and sustainable is hard in the area. We do the most and best we can.


We recycle and reuse as much as possible. Luckily many things can be reused, but unfortunately not much can be recycled in Indonesia. Some items, like batteries, we bring to the recycling system in Europe, as Indonesia doesn't have one. 

We serve only locally sourced vegetables and fish. We grow part of the vegetables ourselves, especially herbs which we can't get here, the rest we buy from local producers. 


We have electricity from a local power plant during the dark hours (6pm-6am) and during the day we use solar panels for electricity in the restaurant area. We start our generator if there are longer power cuts.


We happy to co-operate with a NGO called "Support a local", an amazing project by our good friend Corinna from Germany.


She started food deliveries to poor areas mostly in Sulawesi after COVID-19 started to shut down many peoples livelihoods. 

Food deliveries expanded quickly to dive courses to locals and providing clean drinking water filter systems to remote areas. Please read more in our blog and donate if you can!

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dive course for locals
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We have done a few coral transplanting projects in our area. One was in co-operation with Bandung University (Universitas Padjadjaran) directly in the front of the dive center. This is an area we can control and easily keep clean.


Also Togean National Park has a few transplantation projects in the area.

We also monitor the reef conditions and add regularly new anchor points to the dive and snorkeling sites.


We already have had volunteers doing reef propagation projects in our dive shop. If you are interested and have an idea, please contact us!

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