Togean Islands are in the middle of the Tomini gulf in Central Sulawesi between Ampana and Gorontalo.


Our dive shop is located in the south-western part of the Togean Islands in a peaceful place just a few minutes away from Bomba village. Find us on google maps!


FLY TO AMPANA, LUWUK OR POSO (updated jan 2021)

Fastest and easiest way to reach us is by flying to Ampana (airport code OJU). At them moment Citilink offers a direct flight between Makassar and Ampana once a week on Wednesdays. The flight lands at 11:10 so you can reach us the same day with a public speed boat.

Susi Air is offering a new connection between Palu and Ampana twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For bookings please contact the number +62 853 4007 7931.


Another way to reach us is to fly to Luwuk. In the airport of Luwuk is always plenty of cars and drivers waiting for customers and they can bring you to Ampana for a fee of 800.000 - 1.000.000 idr per car. The drive takes about 4-5 h.


Flying to Poso and taking a car to Ampana is also an option (price of car and duration of the journey about the same as from Luwuk), or arriving via land from Tana Toraja / Lake Poso / Tentena area. You can also fly to Palu and then take a bus or car to Ampana (10 - 12 h). 



We are located in the southern part of the Togeans, which means Bomba is very easy to reach from Ampana.


The public speed boat Hercules leaves at 9.00 and Manakara at 13.00 from Ampana towards Bomba and forward to Wakai.


Both boats leave from Ampanas main harbour. Please tell the captain you want to go to Araya in Bomba and he brings you directly to us. Our jetty is the big one on the right hand side. The journey takes about 40 min and costs only 130 000 idr.

















If you come from the north, the ferry Tuna Tomini runs three times a week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays) from Gorontalo to Wakai with the exception of the first weekend of the month when there is some irregularities in the schedule. From Wakai you can charter a local boat towards Bomba (about 500 000 idr / 3 h) or come to us with the public speed boat Manakara, which leaves at 8:30 or Hercules at 12:00. They can stop directly in our jetty. The journey takes about 45 min and costs 130.000 idr.


Leaving from us to Wakai or Ampana is pretty much the same as the arrival.

To Ampana: Manakara can stop in our jetty in the morning around 9.45 am and Hercules around 12.45.

To Wakai: Hercules can stop in our jetty in the morning around 9.45 am and Manakara around 13.45.


The journeys takes about 45 min and costs 130.000 idr. A booking is required, we can help with that!

The ferry Tuna Tomini runs to Gorontalo from Wakai on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving in the afternoon and arriving in the morning. Again: there are irregularities in the route on the first weekend of the month.



In general Sulawesi is still very unspoilt and usually people are trustworthy. Also the prices are usually the same for locals and for tourists and there is little need to haggle. But with increasing tourism there are already unofficial touts/tourist guides in the harbours who might give you wrong information about the accommodations. Do not pay accommodations or dives directly to them, also don't buy any boat tickets from them. 


If arriving via Ampana, always buy the speed boat tickets only from the official stand inside the big white harbour building. We would anyways recommend not to buy the return ticket in advance unless you will for sure be going back to Ampana in the next few days. Due to weather conditions or change of travel plans you might be taking another boat back to Ampana.

Also resort representatives sometimes try to convince people to change their travel plans by giving untrue information f.ex. about the dive conditions. Best is to just ignore them.

If coming via Gorontalo airport, make sure your luggage is in the same car with you. We have heard there has been a luggage scam going on where your luggage "accidentally" ends up in the wrong car when leaving the airport and you have to pay their transport extra to the hotel or harbour.

As the Togean islands are a national park, all the visitors have to contribute to the National park funding by paying an entry fee of 150 000 idr in the national park office in the harbour + additional 50.000 idr tourism fee. The money goes to the conservation of the islands. 

All transportation schedules are subject to change without prior notice.


There's also a local boat connection (about 35 000 idr) to Bomba or a nearby village (Molowagu, Kuling Kinari or Siatu) almost every day. The boats leave around 10 am from smaller harbours in Labuan and Dondo.


Edy at Marina Cottages or Irfan at Nebula Cottages is a very good information sources for the local boats.