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Swim with stingless jellyfish in the Togean Islands

Yes, we also have on! A lake full of stingless jellyfish! Just like the ones at Koror in Palau or at Pulau Kakaban in Kalimantan!

Swimming in amongst countless semi-translucent jellyfish without being afraid of getting hurt is a truly magical experience. For me, watching these beautiful creatures moving around slowly, and sometimes in hurry, is like meditation. I can easily spend hours in the lake. And so should you!

Jellyfish lakes are marine lakes; small bodies of seawater that are completely landlocked. They are also warmer than the sea surrounding them. There are about 200 marine lakes in the world, and less than twenty are known to contain jellyfish.

The jellyfish lake in the Togeans is special. It's not too busy so you might get lucky and be the only one in the lake. Pretty much all resorts do trips to the lake, usually combined with a picnic or a visit to the nearby Karina beach. Our trips can also be combined with diving or snorkelling.

Togeans jellyfish lake is shimmering with colorful golden jellyfish and moon jellies.

Remember a few guidelines when visiting the lake: no touching, no fins, no sunblock. It is also very difficult for boats to park at the beach near the lake, so be prepared to snorkel about 50 - 100 meters to the shore depending on the tide.

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