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Taupan from under and above

Taupan is one of our main dive spots, only a gentle 15 - 20 min ride from the dive center. A lovely small island surrounded by a magnificent drop off wall where we regularly see reef sharks, turtles, barracudas, jacks and eagle rays plus we have a bonus: a few times a year the whole reef fills up with baby tobys which ruin the whole visibility - in a good way of course!

We are always excited when we have divers coming over with something we don't have ourselves, like a drone! Now in October we had Sabin, who made some amazing shots! Cheers for that!

And as you can notice, Taupan is like rings inside rings. A (saltwater) lake, the land, the reef. And rings inside the reef. Actually we even have a dive spot in Taupan called "the Ring", as there is a big stone&coral ring in about 12m where you can dive through.

Try to spot out our small dive boat near the beach where we were spending our surface interval :) SUCH A LOVELY DIVE DAY!

Taupan best diving indonesia
Taupan wall diving indonesia

Here's also a few impressions how it looks under the surface in Taupan. Thank you Ody Dive Jakarta for the great pro shots! In courtesy of Dinas Pariwisata Dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Tojo Una-Una.

The walls of Taupan are full of colors

The Ring in Taupan

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