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Let's sink the local boat!

There is a beautiful B24 plane wreck in the Togeans, but no big ship wrecks. So when we heard that Bombas local boat “Fathur Star” is going to retire, we quickly bought it and sank it in front of our resort.

Fathur Star served Bomba and the neighbouring villages for quite a few decades with the legendary Captain Nine. A grumpy old man who knows his sea, has little respect for weather warnings, liked to ignore police stop orders, and always brought his customers safe from one harbour to another. A much liked man both in Bomba and Ampana, and certainly a character.

Now speed boats and bigger wooden boats have taken over the routes and Fathur Star came of age, so retirement was coming close. The boat was old, and not safe for public transportation anymore, but still in a great condition to become a new home for hopefully lots of fish.

Already in a short time it has turned into a breeding place and a group of snappers have claimed the ownership. In the night dives we usually also find a big sleeping puffer fish searching for shelter underneath the boat. During the day a big turtle likes to nap inside.

We regularly visit the wreck when we are having dive courses in the front and with DSD’s. And it of course is a great addition to the night dives!

Captain Nain in a red t-shirt in the middle of the photo and his boat Fathur Star in the background. Photo from around the year 2011.

bomba local boat

Sinking a boat can be fun!

Also local kids from Bomba joined the fun :)

make a wreck

wreck diving togean

local boat togean
wreck diving togean

A new captain and a new home at 10 - 12 meters.

wreck togean

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