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Covid-19 keeping us busy

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

It's been now about half a year of silence in the Togeans. Covid-19 crisis came and closed tourism in the whole world, us included. We had, and still don't have any idea how long its going to last until life goes back to normal. "New normal" is not very normal to us. We can receive local customers and foreigners who live in Indonesia, but this is a very marginal market for us. Hopefully we can welcome again divers and non-divers from around the world. WE MISS YOU!

But we have not been bored! Honestly, Togeans is not a bad place to be isolated/locked down. When we look around, we find so much to do!

We've been repairing and setting up new anchor lines in the dive spots, cleaning the mangrove and started a new vegetable garden.

We fully renovated the jungle houses, even though they were only three years old. Now they are brand new again :)

We have a new wood workshop where we do furniture ourselves. Lots of driftwood is also being reused for new purposes.

Together with Support A Local we started a dive training program to locals, who are interested in diving and have potential to become professional divers. We had already Open Water, Advanced and Rescue diver courses and when the dive routine returns to normal, we will continue with Divemaster training. This is a great program for the youth of Togeans to gain a new profession. More donations are needed, please check

We are also one of Support A Locals volunteer teams who distribute the food deliveries where they are needed the most. Many locals lost their income due covid-19 and are struggling in daily basis. The food deliveries rely on donations, and more help is needed every day.

So, we have been busy. We hope that you can come soon and see the results of our covid-19 lock down :) Until then, stay safe!

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